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For the past 30 years, @nick_knight has believed that fashion is best viewed in motion, and that clothing doesn’t need to be part of a live event to be scrutinized or appreciated.⁣

The photographer, filmmaker and founder of @ShowStudio talked freely with WWD about fashion and film in a wide-ranging interview.⁣

“We have to really acknowledge that the medium of fashion has changed fundamentally, and this pandemic, as awful as it is, will force the long road of change onto the fashion industry. That is one thing I’m very pleased about. Forcing a young designer to spend their money on a catwalk show is morally and financially wrong. It’s not for the benefit of the designer and not the best way to get their message across to the public.”⁣

“In a way, fashion has taken over from painting and film and music as the most zeitgeist-y, important, creative medium at the moment. We tend to work with young designers at ShowStudio to give them space to do something important. We just did this beautiful film which is coming out with Fredrik Tjaerandsen. He did dresses that look like beautiful balloons. It’s incredibly timely, because you have these people in the balloons and they can’t touch each other. It’s about how isolated we are in our own little worlds, and we can’t touch anymore. He’s a young designer who doesn’t quite know if he’s a fashion designer or an artist — or whatever he wants to call himself.”⁣

“The world is fundamentally changing. You’ve got to look at the world we’re becoming, not ignoring and trying to look back in the past and say, “I want it back there, because it was rosy 50 years ago.” It wasn’t, I lived through it. We need to be looking forward, and it’s really the responsibility for the artistic world to look forward and to shape the planet that we live on. For me, the most important thing is trusting the future, and for the artistic world to shape the future. We have to be shaped by artists, people who are concerned with the human condition. And we have to look at the future with optimism, intrigue, excitement — not just fear or retro-thinking.” ⁣

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Report: Samantha Conti

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