Our 12 Favorite Peach Recipes to Savor this Summer


When most people picture the peak of summer, they might reflect on late nights around a campfire, beach trips, or spending all day at the pool. When I think of peak summer, I think of… peaches.

Let’s be real, summer is a lot sweeter because of its fruit.

There’s something about a ripe peach that always stops me in my tracks on the produce aisle and leads me to fill my cart with more of the golden fruit than I could ever possibly need. With their rich, rosy color, peaches are voluptuous snacks that are ready to go. And (when they’re perfectly ripe), they taste just as good as they look. It feels unreal that July is already here, and it’s high time we take a moment to pay our respects to these seasonal gems. While peaches are tasty on their own, we’ve got some delicious recipes that make the most of them baked, blended, and grilled, taking these beauties to a new level. From pizza to cocktails to cobbler, we’ve rounded up the best sweet and savory ways to enjoy juicy, refreshing peaches this summer.


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