LeBron James struggling to even take a shower is all of us during quarantine


On Thursday night LeBron James finished his first game in months, helping lead the Lakers to a narrow win over the Clippers, but the real battle took place on the floor of his hotel room.

Now, I’m not an NBA player (obviously) but I can STRONGLY relate to LeBron’s struggle here. Literally every day during quarantine there’s a time where I realize I need to throw myself in the shower only to not have the energy to even face it. Replace that hotel floor with my bed, and this would just be me.

I mean, it would be me if I had some of the highest basketball skills on the planet, millions of dollars, an army of adoring fans and a top-class wine collection. When LeBron struggles to take a shower it’s endearing. When I do it I need to “stop being a slob.” I see how it is.

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